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We never knew we had so many Rockers.

In November we held our first Fire the Grid event. This is a global event where either individuals or groups get together to release their inner joy and positivity to blast out a good hefty dollop of positivity and joy out to the wider world. The idea being that if everyone joins together at the same time on the same day all over the world the response will be felt by everyone regardless of whether they are taking part or not giving a sense of wellbeing to those who may really need it.

For our event we decided to have a mass sing along, singing Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer. We had an amazing response with the help of our fabulous musicians, Lilly, Tom, Alex and Karen who did a fantastic job of keeping everyone fired up. There was an incredible atmosphere with lashings of hot chocolate, marshmallows and rainbow cake, giving an extra boost with a sugar rush! The guys carried on with some songs and even Bessy the dog joined in.

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